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Introducing the Anterior Supine Muscle-Sparing Hip Replacement

AOA surgeons are now performing hip replacements through an anterior minimally invasive incision approximately 8 cm in length. By using a state-of-the-art operating table and intraoperative x-ray, it is now possible to implant a hip replacement without cutting any muscles which leads to less post-operative pain, quicker return to function and no need for standard post-operative restrictions.

Extensive Preparation and Planning

This technique was developed in France and has been performed clinically for over ten years. Our doctors have received advanced training including cadaveric surgical training to develop their skills and level of proficiency in performing this approach to replacing a hip using the OSI Pro-Fx table. The OSI Pro-Fx table allows unique positioning of the femur while minimizing muscle trauma during hip replacement surgery.

About the New Procedure

The anterior approach is well known to all orthopaedic surgeons for treatment of other hip disorders but utilization of this path to the hip leads to far less destruction and disruption of normal anatomy. Intra-opertative x-ray allows us to place the hip precisely where it needs to be so that we can match leg lengths and offset and mimic normal anatomy.

Dislocation of the hip after hip replacement is one of the most common complications. Utilizing the anterior approach reduces the chance of dislocation because the posterior tissues are not disrupted and muscle units are able to function immediatey after surgery. Patients typically get out of bed and walk the same day of surgery.

In summary, the anterior muscle sparing approach offers these advantages:

  • Less post-operative pain (less narcotic use)
  • Quicker recovery, shorter hospital stay (1-2 days), walk without cane @ 2 weeks
  • Decreased risk of dislocation
  • Less blood loss
  • No hip precautions (may sleep on side, tie own shoes, bend over)
  • Precise placement of the components- increase longevity of prosthesis
  • Reduced risk of leg length discrepancy
  • Drive at 2 weeks if not taking narcotics
  • Small scar

All three bearings can be used with this approach: metal on metal, ceramic, and metal on polyethylene.

Serving as Regional Experts

You can be confident in the doctors at AOA. They were the first group in Arizona to utilize this advanced technology and have successfully performed hundreds. AOA serves as a teaching site, training and working with other orthopaedic surgeons from throughout the country.